5 tips on how to write a great SEO article

Here's a few handy hints for anyone writing blogs and content


5 Tips On How To Write A Good SEO Article

Search Engine Optimisation, commonly referred to as SEO, is not a new concept for anyone who runs an online site. In a nutshell, all SEO efforts work towards helping a website get high visibility or ranking on search engine pages and this, in turn, drives traffic to that particular site. 

Creating fresh content for a website/blog helps to familiarize potential clients with your products/services on offer. However, it takes much more than just words to get potential customers streaming to your site. That is where SEO comes in by using the right set of words to bring traffic flowing to your site. 

Here are five helpful tips on how to write a good SEO article.

1. Hook Google With The Right Words 

The whole purpose of keyword optimization is to get you higher search engine rankings and make it easier for potential clients to find you.   

When people get online, they usually create a search by typing in a particular set of words tying into what their area of interest. These words are what you need to incorporate into your content so that your site appears on the search results pages.

If you don't know where to start with keywords, make use of the various keyword search tools available online. 

2. Use The Keywords Well

Finding the right keywords that you should use on your content is half the work. You also need to use the keywords well within your articles. The keywords should constitute at least two to three percent of your content, to write a good SEO article, however, what's more important is that Google understands the content of your article.

The keyword density should also go hand in hand with placement. The rule of thumb is to utilize the main keyword in your article title and the first as well as last sentences of your content. 

3. Write For The Reader

Once you have the right set of keywords and know how to use them appropriately within your articles, the next step is to write for the reader. 

The reason why anyone does a search for specific words or phrases is that they are looking for more information or buying a product. Given that the keywords tie into what your business offers, you should write about what the reader wants to know. Include expert interviews or quotes in your articles and your post will likely get shared on social media.

4. Length Counts

Now that you know the right words to use, how to use them, and what to write about using those words, the next step is to make the article count. Go for length, but the word count should just be enough to communicate the intended message without losing the reader's interest. 300 to 500 words is the recommended word count of a good SEO article. However, if you want to get high search engine rankings then go for lengthy in-depth articles of about 1,500 to 2,000 words.  

5. Make It Easy On The Eye

Last but not least, everyone wants to read informative and well-structured content. Formatting your article makes it aesthetically appealing to a reader and keeps them reading through the entire article. 

Keep your sentences and paragraphs short.  

With these quick and easy tips on how to write a good SEO article, you should be able to master search engine optimized content creation.

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