It’s become unfashionable for web designers to include the date whenever they update a website and it’s sometimes interesting to know when the last changes occurred. ┬áThe good news is that people using Google Chrome, Chromium or Firefox can get a quick date/time of last update by copying (CTRL+C) and pasting (CTRL+V) the following code into the address bar of their browser …


It’s important that the javascript: is pasted at the beginning of the code before you press enter (some browsers will drop the code when you paste it, so you may have to type it in manually).

Note: ┬áThe time & date supplied when the code is entered does not necessarily mean that changes were made to the website – it could actually just reflect the time/date of the last access by the webmaster. In reality, a webmaster accessing a page and not making any changes still indicates that he/she is happy with the page contents on that date, ergo the result achieved is the same.