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Let us manage & optimise your Google AdWords

If you're new to Google AdWords (and other online PPC platforms) then you're in for a treat.

Online paid advertising (known as Pay Per Click) is a way of promoting your business to people who are actively searching for your products/services.  You get to place your services in front of them righ at the point in time that they're searching.  You only pay when they actually click your ad. Better still, you receive a full report which allows you to evaluate your Return On Investment (ROI). You get to know how many times your ad appears, how many people clicked the ad, even how many times clicked a 'buy' button.

We'll provide you with a monthly (or weekly, if required) AdWords report showing you how much you're spending, how well your campaign is performing and even how many phone calls your ads are generating.

Keyword Research

Everything starts with research. We'll look into what people will be searching to find your business, and ensure you appear whenever there's someone wanting your services/products.

A/B Split Testing

Unlike traditional advertising where you get one shot, we run ads side by side to see which performs better. We change text, landing pages, headlines and much more.

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Account Optimisation

We'll ensure you're only paying for clicks from people wanting your services and limiting ads to your specified location. We'll add 'negative keywords' to ensure you only spend on genuine clicks.


Often, people don't buy/call on their first visit to your site. We use remarketing to display banner ads when your visitors use other websites. You get a 2nd, 3rd and 4th bite at the 'cherry'.

Our PPC Management

With Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads (and other social media ads) you "pay" per click (PPC). This means that when your potential customer is searching, you only pay if they click your ad. How much you pay is determined but market forces - your ad goes into an (instantaneous) auction in which Google compares your ad quality, landing page relevance and budget (amongst other things) and then places a value on each 'bid'.

Ad clicks can range from less than £1.00 to other £10 (for highly competitive sectors).  Most local companies can pay £1 - £3 per click, meaning if your ad budget is £10000, you could get between 1000 and 3000 clicks each month.

Assuming you get 300 clicks, a percentage of those will contact you (say, 10% ... 300) and a percentage of those will become customers (20% ... 60 ). To calculate your Return On Investment (ROI) you just need to work out your return from 60 customers for a £300 (plus monthly management fee) advertising spend.

When it comes to reporting, we can tell you how many clicks you received, their demographic (male/female, age etc) and whether your searches are using smartphones or laptop/desktop PCs.  We'll tell you how many people click to call your number and the actions they take when they're on your website.

Pay Per Click Advertising is far and away more accountable than offline advertising, such as local newspaper ads.  They have their place, particularly when it comes to 'brand awareness', but they cannot give you feedback beyond 'distribution figures'.

Google will charge you each time your Ad is clicked (Cost Per Click - CPC).  As a business owner, you are free to set up a Google Ads account and run it yourself, paying just for your Ad spend.

Webspresso is Google Ads agency which is fully certified by Google (and Bing) to manage ad accounts on behalf of customers.  For this service, we charge a percentage of the Ad Spend (higher spending accounts tend to be more complex and need more attention), which is 8%, subject to a minimum of £1000 per month.

Yes. Maybe. It depends.

For new accounts, we will speak with you to assess your requirements before submitting a proposal.  This will detail the account structure and anticipated Ad Spend.

For existing accounts, we will conduct an audit which allows us to become familiar with the account and 'hit the ground running'.

In both cases, the minimum fee for setup or audit is £750.

Occasionally, we may not need to audit an account. In this case we will waive the audit fee and commence with the management of the account.

The management fee is payable in advance.

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