According to Rand Fishkin, co-founder of Moz (the de-facto SEO advisory website) there are 3 main reasons why you should SEO your website properly. Clearly, we’d recommend Webspresso Digital to do this, as we have over 10 years experience of optimising and building successful websites, but if you’re at all skeptical about SEO, take a look at the 3 points and watch the video Rand and the Moz team have produced.  Maybe this will give you the incentive to undertake your own optimisation, or perhaps give Dave a call on 07519 413 219.

Search traffic is among the highest percentage of all referral traffic on the web
So whereas social traffic sends approximately 5% to 6% of all the web’s referral traffic, search engines send about 28% or 29% of all the web’s referring traffic. This is data according to SimilarWeb who has a large clickstream panel that they look at.
Organic search traffic is more than 90% of all the clicks that go to search results
So 90% of the clicks are going to organic, 10% or actually less than 10% are going to the paid results. Companies around the world are spending $40, $50, $60 billion a year or more on Google’s paid search results alone. That organic stuff is a competitive advantage because it means low cost of customer acquisition. It tends to mean higher retention. It tends to mean higher conversion rates. Very, very attractive traffic.
Searches are a specific request from a user that says, "I want this thing and I want it right now."
That’s some of the most powerful traffic you can possibly be in front of on the web, and, as a result, the startups that can get their product, their service, their company, their brand in front of those searchers can have an outsized impact.

Credit:  The original post can be viewed here »  How to kickstart an SEO audit for your Startup