Some basic questions to answer when assessing your own web page

There are a myriad of aspects to ranking a web page in Google for any given search term, but if you address the points below, you’ll have some of the basics covered. 


Web pages are written in languages called HTML and CSS. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the governing body that establishes what is valid HTML and CSS and what is not. Some HTML errors can prevent search engines from indexing your web pages:

Check HTML code:

Check CSS code:

Does your web page use frames? Official Google information about frames:


Page URL

Google UK might prefer pages with the top level domain over .com.
Does your page use a dynamic URL? Official Google information about dynamically created pages:

Search engines might rank websites lower that are hosted at free web space providers, or if websites do not have their own domain name. In addition, search engines limit the number of pages they index from a single domain. Your website does not seem to be hosted at a free web space provider. If it does, consider getting your own web space and domain name.


Page title

The title of your web page does not use only capitalised letters. There is a good chance that search engines will display your page title on their search result pages.

Does your page contain multiple titles?


Body text

Your web page should contain at least 500 words which should be sufficient for search engines.  A page of this size also allows you to naturally mention a number of keywords or variations without ‘stuffing’ or having a keyword density that is too high.


Meta tags

Does your webpage contain any meta tag more than once? It is important to use each meta-tag just once, correctly.

If your page uses the Meta Keywords tag, you should remove it because it is not used by any major search engines. Official Google information about the Meta Keywords tag:

Your web page should not use the Meta Refresh tag: Google recommends against using it. Official Google information about the Meta Refresh tag:

Doe your page use the Meta Robots tag in the right way. Official Google information about the Meta Robots tag:


Factors that could prevent your top ranking

(you should answer all questions with “no”)

  • Does your website mainly consist of content that is scraped from other sites?
  • Can the content of your website be found on many other websites?  Check for duplicate content:
  • Is your web server sometimes down when search engine crawlers try to access it?
  • Does your website link to sites that do not deserve a link?
  • Does your website use the same title or meta tags for multiple web pages?
  • Does your website participate in automated link building schemes?
  • Do you buy or sell links for your website?
  • Do the majority of your backlinks come from low quality or spam sites?