Forget all those pointless New Years Resolutions that won’t last beyond the second week of January. Do something that will make a difference to your life. Change all your online and banking passwords in the new couple of days.

Use a Password Manager

“Password lists” are sold and resold on the Dark Web for £100s and you won’t know whether your password is on one of those lists until it’s too late. If you’re like many people who have used the same dog-related or child-related password for the last ten years, then CHANGE IT. Change ALL your passwords before it is too late. Use uppercase letters, numbers and symbols. TRY to not write them down but if you struggle to remember them, use a service like LastPass is a SAAS (Software as a Service) that works on all platforms, is free (there’s also a very affodable ‘Premium’ option – $1/mth!) and gives you the convenience of just having to remember a single password. It also has an exceptionally good password generator.

Use 2FA

Where possible, use Two Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA is a system which requires two separate methods of authentication before granting access to an account. The first ‘factor’ is usually your username and password, and the second factor (or step) is often a code sent to your registered email, or maybe a code in an SMS message to your phone. Other 2FA methods include authenticator apps and physical security keys such as the quite brilliant Yubikey. We use the FIDO U2F Security Key with Google, Dropbox and numerous other services giving us total login security in the event that one of our complex passwords is compromised (the hacker may well have cracked ‘Factor 1’, but they don’t have the physical U2F key we use, so a regular password changing schedule will eliminate attempts to hack account at the login stage).

Cyber Security is the biggest threat to your online business. Don’t be an easy target.

Start 2017 with a clean #security slate and make it harder for the hackers to target you, your family and your business.

Article is also published by David Chadderton on LinkedIn Pulse » A New Year’s Resolution for EVERYONE